Espat discusses Searching for the missing

Jamal Humes has been missing for almost three weeks. He is just one of several missing persons reported on recently. Other recent cases include Mark Pollard and Stanley Richards who have still not been found. You may recall that when 17 year old Erwin Rodriquez was missing late last year, Dr. Jose Espat led a search group for a number of weeks in various areas in Belize City until they finally found the minor buried in a shallow grave in the Dikes area of the City. Since then, Espat has been busy with requests from families who are looking for their missing loved ones. He says the search for Humes is ongoing.vlcsnap-2018-01-10-14h39m38s941 vlcsnap-2018-01-03-15h34m10s316

Dr Jose Espat: I was asked by Mr. Shaun Nicholas who is one of my good friends that I ran with in the DPP, very good guy you know, humble law abiding citizen extremely you know always willing to help others. He asked me to deal with the case and seeing that the case was recent. He had only been missing for about 6 or 7 days when I took on the case. In taught that if we moved promptly we would get a closure very fast. We went canvasing and I went with them. After the canvasing we got enough information as to formulate the theories of two possible motives, after which the evidence and more canvasing and information that people were bringing to us led us to believe that the main motive that we should look for was the fact that he was a witness to a murder.aaaaaaaaa

Espat says they are actively looking for Jamal Humes along with the help of police, Coast Guard, and other individuals but so far, Humes remains missing.

Dr Jose Espat: 

So I have searched up to now about 7 or 8 different locations a search or an investigation takes time. It may require various searches in a same spot because you can search and overlook certain things and maybe the first time you were going on certain information, then the second time you get additional information that makes you see it in a different light and eventually it will lead you to where he is because someone that knows will come out and tell you know. The latest search was on a constant tipping that Jamal was on this location. That he was shot and his feet were tied. There is several ponds in this location. We have dived about 3 or 4 of them. There is a big, big one that is to the back but this one it is hard to access because within let’s say a 100 yards of reaching the water already starts coming to your knee. We have made plans already with the coast guard and what resources we need. On several locations we had the K9 unit. They were very helpful, came out and we came out empty with that but they told us that they were willing to come out again.aaaaaaaa1

Divers have searched three ponds already but with no luck. Espat says several families have reached out to him for assistance in trying to locate their missing loved one.

Dr Jose Espat:

A lot of families, a lot! And it avlcsnap-2018-01-10-14h40m09s934maized me and appalled me that so many people are missing. A lot of people have reached out and I just want to extend an apology if I haven’t reached to you as yet because I’m just one person. But I’m making my effort to try and go to as much people as I can. I have been reached out by the Leal family, Danny Leal we know he has been missing, Kevin Carcamo I’m also working on Kevin Carcamo’s case. That is a very serious case. I’m working on the Mark Pollard case, Jamal Humes. I had worked on other several cases that the persons had turned out alive. Several of the young ladies, one from Ladyville that had gone missing but she was just away. She had run away. But another young man that was also found locked up in a location that was beaten up. The police found him there. I’m trying to do my best but, what I want people to understand is that I cannot take on too many at a time because it takes away from the quality of service that I would give you and I don’t want to do that. 

Espat says he tries to keep it at three to four missing persons at a time so as not to overwhelm himself and the available resources.

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