Espat says nationalization is all about nepotism

Today the debate on the BEL Acquisition Settlement Bill took precedence in the house with vehement arguments on both sides of the isle. A great deal of the arguments on the oppositions side was centered around the fact that the Government through the Settlement deal granted Fortis Group of companies exemption from any tax on shares. Another argument which was employed by the Deputy Leader of the vlcsnap-2015-09-03-19h23m48s391Opposition and Member for Cayo South Julius Espat was that the Prime Minister was in on this sugary sweet deal. Here is how he described it.

Hon. Julius Espat: The Prime Minister installed his law partner, Rodwell Williams as the chairman of BEL, Number 1. The Prime Minister then installed his son, Anwar Barrow as chairman of BTL. Both receiving exorbitant and unimaginable dollar rewards for their services. The Prime Minister then appointed his wife, Lois Young Barrow, his brother, Dennis Barrow, and his niece, Nyemah Barrow, as the attorneys for both cases. Making sure that they did everything possible Mr. Speaker, to drag on this case all the way to the CCJ, therefore justifying the large amount of legal fees that they are collecting. Mr. Speaker, and the Prime Minister can correct me if I’m wrong, the legal fees are in excess of 10’s of millions of dollars.

In his rebuttal the Prime Minister responded to the Member for Cayo South with some rather unflattering remarks.

Hon. Dean Barrow: Now Mr. Speaker, in his intervention, he was rude. He was disrespectful. He was venomous. He was vulgar. He was reptilian, and in the normal course, this would illicit something in similar vein from me. A long time ago, and I really ought to have employed it in the case of the member for Cayo South before now. Long time ago, I heard somebody say, “Never wrestle with a pig.”

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