EU assists with Market Development Programme

vlcsnap-2013-06-07-18h04m23s166The Department of Local Government and Rural Development, under the Belize Rural Development Project has undertaken a venture to provide a more pleasant and hygienic environment for market vendors. The project reviewed existing  markets  infrastructure  within  Belize,  with  a  longer  term  Market  Development  Programme planned,  which  will  involve substantial  EU  grant funding  for market  infrastructure  initiatives. Minister in Department of Local Government and Rural Development is Hon. Senator Godwin Hulse.
Hon Godwin Hulse – Minister Local Government Rural Development:
vlcsnap-2013-06-07-18h04m35s43Generally the whole idea is to ensure that we improve the management of the market, so that when people bring their produce from the rural areas to a market there is a place for them to display them, there is some security, there is water, it’s hygienic. Then you can create the dynamism I talked about in a market, where people come, and buy, and haggle, and go and come.  And that’s the whole idea.  But this is particularly to enhance the management, the physical management of the infrastructure, accountability for the resources, and that sort of thing.

As a part of this initiative, yesterday a workshop  was hosted which focused on increasing  the  management  and  administrative  capacities  and  skills  of  elected  councilors  and  personnel  of  the  city/town/village  administrations, as well as other  regulatory  authorities  overseeing  markets in Belize. A consultant to the EU has been in the country since late February. His function is to help improve the management of the various markets in the municipalities and he was the chief presenter at yesterday’s workshop.

Michael Buchell – Consultant to the EU:
vlcsnap-2013-06-07-18h04m47s160One of the things that I will be recommending this morning is the development of a National Market Association, which will basically comprise of elected members that’s responsible for market policy, Senior Market Administration Staff within the towns which will meet together maybe once every three months to share their issues, share their problems, and come up with solutions to those problems.  At the same time part of their brief and their aims and objectives would be to encourage greater participation with traders, and encourage trader organizations.  The Market Administration, the staff that work for the local authorities, need to be able to have the authority to actually manage and operate the markets, and have the backing from the local authorities.

The project is catering for all municipalities countrywide, except for Belize City.

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