Although the AMS has come to an end, the EU union will not be leaving Belize anytime soon. In the years to come, the EU will be investing in the Health sector and the search for sustainable energy. According to Wasilewska, the EU will invest a total of 26 Million Euros into these projects.

Malgarzata Wasilewska, EU Ambassador to Belize: But for years to come we have identified new areas of the EU corporation which will be in the health sector and supporting the country’s search for sustainable energy solutions. We will also be supporting the consolidation of the public finance management to help the government on the path to recover from debts. These interventions of 27 Million Euros will start during this year and will also benefit people living in the sugar routes, for example the upgrading of the Corozal and Orange Walk Hospitals which will have energy sustainable sources and therefore reduce the cost of running those hospitals, and hopefully those funds can be allocated to provide better access to health service for people in those areas. In fact, during our last trip here we signed one of the biggest financial agreements with the Prime Minister, over 10 Million Euros; this is the first one in may years and we are extremely proud to be here to be a part of it.

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