Eugene Palacio killed in Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-03-04-20h57m00s153Eugene Palacio killed in Belize City. 36 year old Eugene Palacio was shot and killed in Belize City on Saturday night during a birthday celebration for his mother. It was cruel and ruthless, the gunman determined to get Palacio in his sights and succeeding. We spoke with a relative off-camera who relates what she saw.
Relative of Eugene Palacio:
I stand by the gate and I see my cousin laid down ina di bush, lifeless.  Done ’cause he get ina his face. The gunman come from around Gill Street side. Apparently the gunman walked straight up into he.  I mean like they know what they want do.  He di try use my cousin as a lee shield, but my cousin sharp. So he can’t use my cousin as a shield. The gunman know what he want do, because he pop ah ina he face.  That first shot catch ah ina he face. My cousin break ina di bush. My cousin stoop down ina di bush.  Gunman probably gone over again, ’cause some more shots fire after that. When I come by the gate, I see my cousin only. My next friend, she holla.  My cousin holla out her name.  She just cross the street.  When we holla for she, she come out of the bush [extremely] frightened. She ask everybody what pass “Please check me, please check me cousin. please check see if I get shot.”

Palacio had a three-year old son and was trying to turn his life around after years on the streets. His family says they are still shocked by the ruthless nature of Palacio’s execution death.

Relative of Eugene Palacio:
He’s well known back here.  You could ask anybody back here, he’s not a troublesome person.  Finally there he may look real quiet, but that no di really he.  He may di drink, di party.  I mix him his first drink, ’cause my mam told me to mix the drink.  I ask him what he want, and he told me what he wanted.  So when I give him the drink he was still standing in the yard to the back.  I guess some crowd may be outside, so he come out, come socialize. This are we block here.  We supposed to feel safe back here. So he come out.  He stopped there.  So my cousin gone.  He see a lighter.  Maybe the gunman be about for a long time, because he know what he may want to do, because he walk straight up into my cousin. My cousin get shot.  Only he get it.

Police are investigating.

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