Evangelical Association outraged by US Embassy’s meddling in Belizean domestic issues

On Tuesday, we reported on statement issued by the US Embassy in Belize, in which the Ambassador called for the repeal of Belize’s Section 53 law. As we told you, retired U.S. judge Carlos Moreno, in June of this year, became the new US Ambassador to Belize.  In presenting his credentials on June 23rd, he was met by a group of protestors saying that Moreno is here to advance the LGBT agenda. Ambassador Moreno denied those allegations.

.vlcsnap-2014-11-26-06h05m46s84Carlos Moreno – US Ambassador

“I can affirmatively state, from the perspective of the United States, there is no LGBT agenda. I think what the mission of the United States is to promote human rights with respect to all groups, groups that marginalized or not marginalized.
To say that there is any kind of homosexual or LGBT agenda, I think, is off the mark. 
The United States has its own Constitution and laws, which I interpret it the fashion that I saw fit, with a fidelity to the law that applied in the United States. I would not presume to apply the law, or take a position on any matters that are based upon Belizean law. That certainly is not my province.”


A short five months later, an official statement titled, “Past and Present U.S. Ambassadors’ Statement on LGBT Policy in Belize”, certainly delves into the province of Belizean law and policy.  It “urges” the Government of Belize to  “Repeal the anti-sodomy laws, provisions of which are inconsistent with Belize’s obligations with respect to privacy rights protected by Article 17 of the ICCPR. … [And to]… uphold the Revised National Gender Policy to better respect and protect equal protection under the law.“

We also shared with you parts of a statement released by Belize Action in response to the US Embassy’s statement. It says in part that “Sovereign nations have a responsibility to determine their moral standards for their own country, not at the coercion of anyone else.

On Wednesday, the Evangelical Association of Churches issued its own statement saying that itis “outraged at the recent Statement from the US Embassy calling for the changing of Section 53 to legalize homosexuality in Belize.”

It says, “The State Dept. has declared that they do not get involved in domestic issues of nations.  Belize, as a sovereign nation with its own Constitution, has the right and responsibility to determine its own laws and moral standards by which we as a nation shall live.  Those processes of determination belong to the people of Belize alone, and no nation, large or small, has the right to manipulate, coerce, or interfere in those processes of another nation. To attach foreign aid to issues like this is in violation of International Laws!”

The release further says that “We appreciate the United States tough position of “non-bullying” to be applied to this situation.  Section 53 is a good law that has only been used to prosecute in sexual abuse cases, over 80% of which were perpetrated on minors and children. Concerning violence against LGBT, we condemn any act of violence against any person or group for any reason, however we note that we already have laws related to this, and we fully support aggressive enforcement of all laws in Belize.”

The Evangelical Association says it urges the Government of Belize to listen to the people, and not bend to the pressures of any other foreign agendas that will affect the quality of life for the majority of the people who are not in agreement.

The release says “And if there is any doubt in their mind as to where the nation stands on this issue, we urge a national referendum to verify what the people of Belize choose on this most crucial moral and legal issue that will affect us, our children, and generations to come.”

The Evangelical Association had some strong words regarding the United States apparent intent to push the homosexual agenda on smaller nations. It says, “it seems they are intent on exporting their immorality to the nations of the world as “strings attached” to funding packages.  Of recent, the top leader of the largest homosexual organization & political lobby, Terrence Bean of the “Human Rights Campaign” was charged with raping a 15 year old boy! If it comes to nations giving recommendations to nations, we would gladly offer some recommendations to the United States concerning these issues! If the United States doesn’t change directions fast, they will plunge over the cliff of national peril, just as the Word of God promises.”

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