Evangelical Churches back Wade’s Version of events

The National Evangelical Association of Belize which represents over 250 churches across the Nation of Belize has issued a scalding press release directed at the Belize Police Department. The vlcsnap-2017-05-23-21h20m01s976release is based on the incident involving Pastor Louis Wade Jr, PlusTV’s Managing Director, and Roberto Montero, son of Minister of Works Rene Monter when on November 23, 2016 Wade claims Montero Assaulted him and then went in to Police several days later and filed a false report. In the release by the NEAB the national association expressed their shock and outrage at what it calls the bogus and biased charges brought against Pastor Wade. The document went on to read, quote

“This type of biased and corrupt “law enforcement” happens repeatedly and is part of why crime, violence, injustice, and corruption continue to be the order of the day in our nation.

What the Police High command seems totally unaware of, is that the top executives of NEAB have been following the Case over the last 6 months, even meeting the first investigator and hearing briefly from a witness. The Statement says vlcsnap-2017-05-23-21h20m22s760

Police have totally ignored and not taken statements from witnesses supporting Pastor Louis Wade’s innocence for 6 long months while embracing multiple bogus witness’s version of an event that never occurred. Nonetheless, the whole event is recorded on video and in the Chronicles of God to whom we will all give answer!

The release ends by saying vlcsnap-2017-05-23-21h20m28s797

We call upon and demand that the San Ignacio Police as well as national leaders, overseers, and authorities do what is right and in God’s eyes, to love the truth.”

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