Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches’ annual convention

The Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches celebrated its annual convention with a parade through the streets of Punta Gorda town last week Saturday. The three day celebration saw various representatives from Garifuna communities across Belize, Honduras and the United States. This year’s gathering was celebrated under the theme, ‘Developing Leaders of Integrity for Tomorrow.’ Pastor Andrew Nunez, Founder/Director of Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches in USA and Belize, told us more via telephone.

Pastor Andrew Nunez, Founder – Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches in USA and Belize: This event is known as Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches Convention 2018. We are here to celebrate the unity of the Garifuna churches from around the country of Belize, from St Bight, George Town, Belize City, Dangriga and we got from PG. And people from Honduras and also from the United States, they are here to celebrate this event. The purpose of this event is to continue to empower and enlighten and to deliver the country from spiritual depressions. And so we are here, we have an event and the name of the theme of our event is, we call it ‘developing leaders of integrity for tomorrow’. And so we have a lot of young people attending this event, we have a lot of older people, married people. So we were blessed and the food was very exciting. We have Garifuna food such as Hudut, we got Darassa. So the speakers were very enlightened, we got a very good speaker from Houston, Texas known as Pastor Eric who spoke in Garifuna very fluently. We had Pastor Eddy, who is a very good musician who used to have a lot of CDs and his team were there to be the worship team. So, it’s about giving God the glory and to acknowledge the presence of God in our community. So we are going to have a parade, this event has started since Thursday. We had it on Thursday night and on Friday. Then we have it today and today is Saturday, we are going to have our parade through the town of Punta Gorda and then we are going to end up at the Garifuna church by the airstrip, where we are going to have a concert. And then from there that would be the end of our event for today and everybody will go back to their respective place.

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