Evangelical Pastors Remain Vigilant Against LGBT Agenda

Today the Evangelical Association of Churches of Belize hosted the press as promised earlier this week following their meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Its president, Pastor Eugene Crawford, wished to emphasize that the Church remains vigilant on the issue and awaits the satisfactory response of the Government to the implementation of the Revised National Gender Policy with its input.

He said that while certain remarks alleged to have been made by the chair of the National Women’s Commission Ann-Marie Williams may have coincidentally impacted the meeting’s timing, they were ready to hear from the Prime Minister.

vlcsnap-2014-05-09-20h58m25s90Pastor Eugene Crawford- President of the Evangelical Association of Pastors

“It may have spurred the meeting.  I don’t see it that way because we were eagerly awaiting a response, we decided to go.  Yes, it just happened that it coincided, but let me say that just as I said in the press conference that we did not go to the meeting with the premise upon tat statement on itself.  Whether it was or was not made, we presented the family link that we got such a source, but I think that I heard otherwise that the person did not make that statement.  But nevertheless, we did not really inch our discussions around that.  We had more and bigger fishes to fry- to move on with the discussion of the Gender Policy”.

He had a message for those skeptical of the Church’s chosen means of addressing the issue.

Pastor Eugene Crawford:  “The association is mature and would then carve out their response to any such situation.  We make a stat at all times, but the method being used may be different”.

Reporter:  “Is it a Biblical-philosophical approach that you all are having differences with?  I mean, it seems that the government won’t adhere and you all have to take a hard line stand.  Are you all prepared to a hard line stand should that happen?”

Pastor Eugene Crawford:  “The church have always made a stand for what is right and what should happen.  The method that the church uses may not be understood by the populace at times or any one individual”.

Pastor Scott Stirm, Vice President of the Evangelical Association,  today reiterated some of the problems the Association has with the policy.

vlcsnap-2014-05-09-21h14m14s30Pastor Scott Stirm- Vice President of the Evangelical Association

“The center’s core of the discussions were surrounding the Government’s position on the Gender Policy, about the ramification, of how that relates to a number of different objects.  One of the things we did discuss was the visit of Caleb Orozco and Steven Diaz to the Human Rights Branch of the OAS.  The fact of how that played out and then this discussion with the Prime Minister on what is his position in those issues; we covered that as well.  But again, what we continued to sound the trumpet on is the societal ramifications of how particularly this is going to affect in relation to children in education.  The Gender Policy is presenting concepts and themes that will have huge ramifications upon education.  As we have seen in other countries, the normalizing of homosexuality and how that translates into the sex education, whether that be through HFLE or whatever other avenue.  It is something that we feel strongly, strongly against”.

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