Evangelist Dr. Andrew Willis spreads the Word in Belize

vlcsnap-2013-10-07-09h31m54s89International evangelist Dr. Andrew Willis, founder and Senior Pastor of The River of Life Church Houston, was the guest speaker at an open-air crusade that took place this Wednesday. The Welcome Centre was the venue. Kent Pandy was on hand for the service and spoke with the organizer, head of the Santa Elena Light House Church Victor Gongora. Mr Gongora explained more about the event and what made it so special.

Victor Gongora- Santa Elena Lighthouse Church

vlcsnap-2013-10-07-09h30m22s184“The gathering tonight, is that we had a wonderful opportunity to bring an international evangelist.   This evangelist comes every October to minister to pastors and leaders of Belize City.   Usually, before the conference starts, he goes to a particular church to preach.   Last two years, he’s gone to Belmopan, to Roaring Creek, and this year he’s going to go back to Belmopan, and we said, hey, why don’t you come to San Ignacio?  And he says, okay, sure!   And this is what is happening tonight.  He came to San Ignacio”.


vlcsnap-2013-10-07-09h30m32s45While in Belize, Victor Gongora says that Dr Willis intends to reach out to not only those who are a part of the body of Christ, but more specifically, persons outside the church.

Victor Gongora

“The message of the evangelist as a pastor Andrew Willis, he says, he comes here to…he’s leaving his wife, he’s leaving his grandchildren, because he cares for those that are outside the church, those that are addicts, those that are on drugs, and haven’t found God.   That is the reason why he is here, and that is the reason why we are having this, because we believe that people have a strong need for God, and we need people to…that know God to bring us into an awareness of who God is”.

Dr. Andrew Willis is also the key speaker at a 3 day Pastors and Leaders Conference 2013 taking place in Belize City.

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