Everald Martinez receives four charges for Baby Alyssa

Belizeans from all across the country took to Social Media over the weekend in outrage and sorrow, expressing emotions of hurt and anger over the abuse and subsequent death of   Baby Alyssa Nunez. The 17 month old toddler died at the KHMH on Sunday morning after being in critical condition for several days following reports that she was badly beaten, raped and sodomized.  Today, the accused man, 21 year old Everal Martinez, was taken to the Magistrate court in Belize City under heavy security as the outrage of concerned citizens spilled from social media on to the streets in front of the court house. Police had to barricade areas in front of Magistrate Court for the arraignment of Martinez. Martinez was originally charged with ‘dangerous harm’ upon Baby Alyssa on Friday. However, in court  he was charged for 2 counts of attempted rape and 2 counts of attempted assault. Today police was asked about the charges.

 CIB Wilfredo Ferrufino

Sunday police charged Everal Martinez a 21 year old unemployed of Mascal village and he was charged for two counts of attempted rape of a child and two counts of attempted of assault of a child under the age of 16 year old .

21-year-old Everal Martinez, an unemployed resident of Maskall Village was taken into Court #2 to be arraigned on four sexual assault charges including t

wo counts each of attempted rape.   No plea was taken from him as the charges were read out in court to him in the presence of his attorney, Oscar Selgado.    Inside the court room, the DPP, Cheryl Lyn Vidal appeared on behalf of the crown.   After the reading of the four sexual charges, Vidal asked the court to deny bail to the accused in light of more serious charges including that of murder for the passing of the toddler.  She also asked the court to take into consideration, the serious nature of the offenses, the penalty of the offenses and that now since the victim has died recently, there will be other serious charges forthcoming . Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford agreed and remanded him into custody at the Belize Central Prison until May 18, 2018.    We understand that Martinez’s attorney, Oscar Selgado may be preparing his application for bail as earlier as this Friday. It is unclear when the charge of either murder or manslaughter will be levied against Martinez in the wake of the toddler’s death. The media got a chance to speak to the DPP after the court proceeding.

Director of Public Prosecution Chery Lynn Vidal

  I find that a lot of times what transpires during the course of an investigation and then what happens in the court is only looked at in terms of the performance of the prosecution and not in terms of what has happened during an investigation and I want to say that a prosecution is only as good as the investigation ,so when we are out here clambering for justice and we are asking for an investigation and particular charges to be laid we also have to be putting the pressure where the pressure is due not just the prosecution but on the police to do a proper investigation I said at the beginning I’m no prevaricating . I said at the beginning the charges when relations to the sexual offenses we say were committed by the accused the post mortem in relations to the deceased will be conducted at 1’o clock this afternoon and after that post mortem we will be determining the next charge that is going to be laid and hopefully we will still be in a position to lay that charge today.

Just before our news time, police released the results of the post mortem for Alyssa Nunez. The  medical officer certified cause of death as due to “Massive brain hemorrhage, due to head trauma.” 



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