Ex boyfriend chops woman and her male friend

And in more domestic abuse news; an ex boyfriend allegedly invaded a house and inflicted several chop wounds to his ex girlfriend and her male companion. The incident happened after 2 am on Saturday April 18 in Esperenza Village.  At 2:53a.m., San Ignacio Police received information of someone entering a home in Esperanza Village on Mendoza Street and that the culprit inflicted chop wounds to a female and another male person. 27-year-old Shanel Robinson received chop wounds to the back of the head and fingers while Ralph Mendoza Sr, the owner of the residence, received a stab wound to the foot. Eugene Reneau, the ex common law husband of Shanel Robinson, attempted to escape but community residents reportedly followed him and with the help of police, Reneau was apprehended.

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“Information is that earlier in  the night. Bother persons who were outside of the residence of Mr. Ralph, having a conversation but afterwards the young lady went inside the house. Information is that Mr. Reneau was still inside the building calling her name and asking that he wanted to have a word with her. It seems that she refused to continue speaking with him. That is when he forced himself into the house and allegedly attacked Ms. Robinson with a machete inflecting the chop wombs. The young lady, at the beginning was some what in and out of consciousness, but  she has been stabilized in Belize City. Surgery has been confirmed. To what we understand, they are trying to repair the tendons on her fingers and it is believed that a chop womb to the head caused some serious damage to the scull. Mr. Reneau is in police guard in Belize City. As soon as he is released, he will be interviewed and we expect charges of maybe attempted murder.


Both Shanel Robinson and Ralph Mendoza were transported to the San Ignacio Hospital. Shanel was later transferred to the KHMH where she is listed in a stable but critical condition. Police are expected to charge Eugene Reneau with attempted murder as soon as he is released from the hospital.

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