Ex-footballer discharged after misunderstanding with police officer

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-08h37m50s120An off-duty police officer got into a dispute with a retired footballer aboard a village bus on Monday, but Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith avoided a criminal record for 52 year old Robert “Crane” Major, choosing on Wednesday to discharge him from charges of wounding and damage to property. Robert Major boarded a bus heading from Ladyville to Belize City around 2:15 p.m. on June 16 at the junction of the Philip Goldson Highway and Lords’ Bank Road. Already on board was Constable Nolbert Segura who was traveling with his four year old son. Mr  Major was passing down the aisle, when water from his water bottle splashed on Mr Segura’s face. Their stories diverge from there. Constable Segura says he approached Robert Major and identified himself, where upon he says Mr Major told him “I don’t give a (expletive) and proceeded to punch him above the right eye, causing a cut. They began to fight and Robert Major held Constable Segura’s shirt, tearing it. Mr Major admitted in court that he was not totally innocent, but insisted that it was accidental, and he did not even know that Constable Segura was a policeman. He says he was holding the bottle over his head when the water dripped out, and claimed he was attacked first by Constable Segura, who called for help from fellow police officers who allegedly beat him up and subdued him. The Chief Magistrate issued a caution to Mr Major for this not to happen again and ordered a discharge, which is not a full acquittal. Robert Major is free to go but he is expected to keep out of trouble.

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