Ex Guatemalan President’s accounts frozen

vlcsnap-2015-09-03-18h28m43s196Guatemala’s Ex President Perez Molina, is fighting to have a freeze on his financial accounts lifted. Five of Molina’s accounts have been frozen
as investigations continue into allegations of corruption in a Customs Scheme continues.  Molina was impeached and arrested a few months after his Vice President Roxanni Baldetta resigned due to allegations in the same corruption scandal. As investigations continue, Molina is now trying to get access to his accounts. According to official records, in 2012, the Guatemalan politician, retired military officer and now disgraced ex president of Guatemala, had an estimated net worth of $400 thousand. Now, through four different accounts, the Guatemalan authorities have seized over 5 million quetzal,  equivalent to over 800 thousand Belize dollars and 22 thousand US dollars.  Investigations so far into the money trail of Molina’s accounts establish that in 2009, Pérez Molina received resources from the National Fund for Peace, from a project for the improvement of a stretch of highway which cost 7 million quetzal to be done by a company by the name of Agromec, owned by Deputy Estuardo Galdámez. That was on August 6 of 2009. That same day, Agromec made a deposit by 2.1 million Quetzal to a Constructino company owned by Juan de Dios Rodriguez and six days after, the construction company issued a check in the name of Pérez Molina for 500 thousand quetzal. Two dayss after, i.e. on 14 August of the same year, the former president canceled a loan in the banking system for  431 thousand thousand quetzal . Currently, Pérez Molina is still under detention.

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