Ex-NBA player to speak to Belizean youths

Former NBA basketball star and born-again Christian Etan Thomas is on a visit to Belize to speak to youths. Thomas played 11 seasons for the Washington Wizards, Oklahoma City Thunder and Atlanta Hawks before embarking on a career of public speaking and poetry writing. Thomas says he is looking forward to giving a unique perspective on life to his captive audience. We spoke to him at the International Airport today.


Etan Thomas  – Motivational Speakervlcsnap-2015-06-02-09h37m25s116

“It happens all the time. The thing that really encourages me sometimes is the feedback that I get from the youth. Whether they write me a letter or when they e-mail or social media or Facebook of something like that and just tell me how my words influenced them ane what they thought. I don’t hold back, I tell them honestly because sometimes you can’t sugarcoat things. You have to tell them the honest truth. I think that is one thing that they appreciate. It is a passion that I have because. like I said, I remember when the older guys use to talk to me and talk to my friends and I saw the kind of influence that it had so I think that is really important. “

Thomas, accompanied by his wife Nicole, has family from Grenada and St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.vlcsnap-2015-06-02-09h36m15s196

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