Extraordinary Meetings at FFB; but no one is talking

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-07h59m49s46There were two big meetings Monday night and early Tuesday morning concerning all matters FFB. Reliable sources tell us that the executive members of the federation met with the FFB Congress last night, in a meeting that concluded until after 10:30 pm. It was rumoured that Ruperto Vicente would at the meeting push for the suspension of Sergio Chuc, which he had previously attempted to do. No one from FFB is talking yet, however, we have been reliably informed that no one has been suspended, however the executive members were made to renew their pledges, which was witnessed by all 8 members of the congress. The congress is to re-evaluate the executive members of the federation for the next 90 days.

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-08h00m00s165On Tuesday executives also met with representatives of FIFA and CONCACAF at the federation headquarters in Belmopan. The purpose of the meeting is still not known nor were we able to confirm if the two are connected in anyway. When we contacted President Ruperto Vicente on Tuesday he said he couldn’t speak on the matter at this time, but promised he would address all matters concerned in a press briefing on Wednesday.


vlcsnap-2014-08-27-08h00m13s40Of note is that Micheal Blease could be on the hot seat. Information gathered is that many in the football community have complained about him during his tenure as the General Secretary of the federation. We understand that complaints of some nature made its way to CONCACAF, though we have not been privy to what those complaints were. Ruperto Vicente was in Belize City on Tuesday on other matters, and so we could not speak to him, but like we said he has promised to talk to the media on Wednesday, and so we will have more on this in our subsequent news cast.

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