Failed to return rented vehicle

Jason Joseph Williams faces more jail time after being convicted on Wednesday of theft of a motor vehicle he rented from a popular auto rental facility. The 36 year old Williams saw a five-year sentence for theft tacked on to the two five-year sentences he is already serving for firearm and ammunition convictions.

On January 6, 2014, Jason Williams rented a 2007 Kia Sport silver vehicle valued at $34,000 for 2 days at $150 per day from the owner of Euphrates Auto Rental, Robert “Small Change” Wagner, the former driver of Prime Minister Said Musa.

According to Mr Wagner, he contacted Jason Williams on January 9, after Mr Williams had failed to return the vehicle on time. Williams asked for another 2 weeks with the vehicle, as he was supposedly taking care of a land matter in Placencia. Mr Wagner said he refused and asked for the return of the vehicle and extra costs, but when he tried reaching Jason Williams several times after that by phone, he did not answer.

Police eventually recovered the vehicle two months later in Placencia, on March 6.

Jason Williams testified that he did rent the vehicle from Robert Wagner on January 6, but disputed the charge of theft, as according to him the charge sheet listed the date of the offense as January 6. But Magistrate Dale Cayetano ruled otherwise and against Jason Williams, whose term of imprisonment continues.

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