Faith Nazarene School receives 32 tablets from Rotary Club of Athabasca, Canada

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-08h21m01s154On Monday, the Faith Nazarene School was the recipient of 32 tablets from the Rotary Club of Athabasca in Canada. It’s part of an ongoing partnership between the Rotary Club and the school. In the past few years, the organization has contributed to the school’s infrastructural and technological development. PlusTV’s colleague Kent Pandy caught up with executives of the Rotary Club, where they shared more on this year’s donation.

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-08h20m46s4Ms. Jessica Mckenna- Secretary of the Rotary Club in Athabasca  

“We came to the Faith Nazarene School and did an orientation for the kids and told them how we are going t be doing over the next three days for them.   We fundraised all the money for the purchase of 32 tablets to download educational apps from them to help the kids with their math and their anatomy and just for their understanding things better and just help them, like too, there are games that are educational and we think it’s going to make a big impact on the school.   We did the work for the money in Canada and we are bringing the tablets here by doing local projects and then we look at international projects like this.   So, whatever anyone needs help within the community, we are always there”.   

The tablets will aid in the school’s online reading program, says Principal Shelan Humes.

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-08h21m21s98Mr. Shelam Humes- Principal of the Nazarene School

“These tablets will complement our program.   We have an online reading program that these tablets will assist our students in reading.   But not only in reading.   They have math and Science apps as well that will assist them in understanding concepts that will be very difficult to teach them without the use of something like this”.

The Rotary Club will also be constructing a new library and resources center.

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