Fake diplomas circulating?

https://youtu.be/dll8kP0BhrUThere have been reports that unscrupulous persons are attempting to take advantage of qualifications from Belizean schools by parading ungenuine diplomas and transcripts of course credits completed in Belize which they never actually completed. Minister of Education Patrick Faber told us today that the Ministry will be “tightening up” on this disingenous practice and says international organizations and institutions hiring Belizean graduates should take advantage of resources here to ensure the bona fides of their prospective candidates. 

Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

We did put out a release, as it related to the phoney diplomas. It is of course, something that has – to me is very long been going around. Not only in Belize but other areas of the world Hon. Patrick Faberas well. But certainly we do not condone it and of course there is a mechanism set up in our ministry that can help to certify, verify that these documents that are coming from Belizean institutions are correct.  We urge our partners in education to utilize that. We condemn the practice of anybody, especially who is engaged in it in Belize, in engaging in creating these phony diplomas. these phoney documents Our ministry probably does need to step up its game in terms of that

The University of Belize (UB) typically does not issue diplomas until course work and financial requirements have been completed and students apply a semester ahead of expected graduation; junior colleges usually do likewise. The Minister says the problem has not reached that level but some high schools are thought to be involved and the warning has been sent to them to stop.

Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

 ” Well I have not heard much about Belizean Schools.We have had some incidences of school issuing diplomas, mainly high school, to people who did not earn these diplomas. So I urged the management of these schools to be very, very strict on its policies as it relates to this. But in turns of tertiary level having   institutions giving fake diplomas and so on, I know of no such incident and if it is being done, it is being done outside of these institutions and not necessarily encouraged by these institutions.  “

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