Fake Immigration Officer gets 19 years in prison

Mark Rosales was found guilty today of 19 counts of  obtaining property by deception and will serve 19 years in prison.  According to reports,  A Salvadoran national and resident of Belmopan, 45 year old Alberto Lopez,  reported that in the month of August while in Orange walk town, he was approached by Mark Rosales who claimed to be an immigration officer. Rosales asked Lopez if he had Belizean  nationality and Lopez said that he did not.  Rosales then offered to help Lopez get his nationality papers if he would pay. Lopez agreed and over a course of 22 installments, Lopez deposited  $7,055 into Rosales’ account. Lopez later found out that Rosales was not an immigration officer and filed a report with the police. Today in the Belmopan magistrate’s court , Rosales was found guilty on 19 counts and was fined a whopping $46,000  or in default 19 years imprisonment ; that’s one year for each count. Rosales could not pay the fine so he will serve 19 years.

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