Fallen Officer laid to Rest; Superintendent retracts statement that Guatemalans murdered Danny Conorquie

20 year old Special Constable Danny Conorquie was laid to rest on Sunday September 28th at Georgeville Cemetery, Cayo District, following a well attended funeral service. About 300 mourners, were joined by a platoon of senior police officers, as they marched around the Village of Georgeville, Cayo, to pay their respect to a fallen brother.

Danny Conorquie died in the line of duty on September 25th and was given a state funeral with a 21 gun salute. At the funeral, Superinendent Dinsdale Thompson, Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station, stood up to convey his condolences to relatives and friends of Danny Conorquie. He also took this opportunity to announce to the funeral attendees that 20 year old Danny Conorquie died at the hands of Guatemalans.


vlcsnap-2014-09-30-05h45m25s140Superintendent  Dinsdale Thompson –  Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police
“Now the issue pertaining his death in Caracol, we have done all that we can do in relating to investigation. Our officers went out there, we have interviewed, and are still interviewing some more people, in relation to who have seen and have heard certain evidence that we can put together, and what we have concluded with our investigation that it is not Belizean, it is not any other Central American, but Guatemalans that did this.

It is more than time for us Belizeans to raise up, when it comes to those who want to just come upon our soil, and take our lives or take our possession in the way that they are presently doing it. Tomorrow I understood that there is taking place a rally, a demonstration in support of the family, in support of peace within the country of Belize, saying that we Belizeans, we are tired of Guatemalans coming here and just intruding upon our lands and taking our lives, taking our substance, just for the sake of taking them how they want.

vlcsnap-2014-09-30-05h47m11s82Danny’s life for sure we are celebrating, but it goes towards saying that it is time for us to rise up, because when we see that other nationals coming in from other countries and killing the citizen of Belize, not only citizens of Belize, but law enforcement officers,  then it is saying something that we need not sit down anymore and allow activity or such type of behavior by foreigners upon this land no more.


While that is what Superintendent Thompson said at the funeral on Sunday, Monday is a different story. An official police press release issued today states that Superintendent Thompson is retracting what he said at the funeral on Sunday. We called him today for an explanation.


vlcsnap-2014-09-30-06h06m06s116Superintendent  Dinsdale Thompson

“We don’t have evidence to  prove that it is a Guatemalan or Salvadoran, or Belizean. 

I may have spoken a little bit too quickly.  That’s it.

We’re still interviewing people in relation to the murder that has occurred of one of my officers.”

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