Family claims GSU raid is political

Politics can be a nasty business and so far in this campaigning season we have  had accusations of murder between political rivals from the north, the burning down of a standard bearer’s office in Cayo South, and regular old mud slinging in the political ads. It appears that politics also took another ugly turn in Orange Walk this weekend, or at least that is what one family is alleging. According to reports received, a family from the village of San Jose in Orange Walk went cross ways when one of the brothers, Nasario Cruz, who says he has been a fervent UDP supporter for over 28 years, switched over to PUP. They have since been campaigning for Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes in Orange Walk North. On Saturday evening, one of the brothers of Nasario, who is still a UDP, allegedly confronted Nasario’s son with a large crowd of UDP supporters. PUP called their people and UDP called more people. It ended up in a PUP vs UDP brawl and the local police authorities had to be called in. The crowd had become so out of control that the police reportedly threatened to release tear gas on the people who had blockaded the Northern Highway. The crowd dispersed sometime after 7 pm and while we were told there were some people injured, the main perpetrators were not arrested. The story would have ended there but sometime between 3:30 and 4 o’clock in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the GSU broke into two of Nasario’s houses. First with his ex wife, where they handcuffed his 16 year old son. Then they moved in to his house where they gained access by breaking through the front door. The head of GSU had indicated that they had gotten a tip that the families might be hiding illegal firearms. Nasario however says he is convinced that it was a directive form UDP higher ups. He claims that his transition to PUP is making an impact on his family who are following suit, causing the UDP to lose 70 or so votes in Orange Walk North.     

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