A wooden home on Freedom Street in Belize City caught fire on Saturday evening. According to reports, 32 year old Alicia Usher told police that about 5:40 p.m on Saturday, she was alerted that her house was on fire. When Usher made checks, she saw here room totally engulfed in flames. Fortunately, the fire was later extinguished by the fire personnel. According to Calbert Estrada, the common law husband of Usher, the fire started from a mattress in the bedroom

Calbert Estrada, Common law Husband: Me and my gyal and our children were right here. I was sitting down and then she called the little girl to get her phone, and when she went in there she said that the house was on fire. This was Saturday, around 4 or 5. In the room where we stayed it started. The mattress was on fire. I turned on the pipe and I tried to full water to out it but there was too much heat so I had to back off. I couldn’t go in. The smoke and the heat was too much but I still tried to fill water until the fire fighters came. I think they took too long to get here, I don’t know what’s their natural time that they take. I didn’t call but I saw people calling. I couldn’t call because I was trying to out the fire. We didn’t save anything. When that lit, it blazed quickly. I don’t know what caused it. The electrical stuff in there are still on. We didn’t have electricity because they disconnected us for about 3 days.

The value of the house and its contents are uncertain. Fire personnel and police are investigating.

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