Family of accident victims want justice

YaniThe victims of Saturday’s accident are deceased 54 year old Yolanda Valencia, a mother of three, and 28 year old Yanie Cu, the taxi driver into whose vehicle the Deputy Commissioner of Police crashed head on. Mr Cu remains in hospital in critical condition, and we spoke to his mother Azucena Cu, who says she urgently needs financial assistance for medical expenses.

vlcsnap-2014-08-19-08h18m28s94Azucena Cu – Mother of Yanie Cu

[Paraphrased] “After the accident happened the police from Benque Viejo del Carmen took out Segura from his car, and he had on long pants, but his pants were down. He put it up and then the police clean everything, all the evidence. The fire engine reach and wash everything, so that Segura doesn’t have any evidence. When I reach to San Ignacio Hospital, about an hour Segura reached with the Benque Viejo police, then I saw that Segura didn’t have on any long pants, he had on a short pants. He already bath, he was laughing and was talking on his cellphone.”


“This was one hour after the accident and when you guys went to the hospital?”

Azucena Cu
“Yes, that’s after the accident like an hour after when he reached the hospital. He was fresh, he already bath and had on short pants. Everyone says why didn’t the media come. People was calling but nobody reach, so I think the police had clean all that evidence because of Segura. What happen to us, it’s not a dog that got killed, it was my cousin. My son is in danger right now. I need $350 right now today to pay.


“The $350 is for what?”

Azucena Cu
“Just to take one x-ray.”

The family has complained that Mr. Segura was treated differently from the time of the incident. But Yanie Cu’s father,  Pedro,  says that DCP Segura is to blame in this accident.

vlcsnap-2014-08-19-07h10m53s235Azucena Cu
[Paraphrased] “All the people who saw the accident took videos, and all the persons say that Mr. Segura got in the wrong way. He was drinking.  So when the accident happened, the police took Mr. Segura out, and held him by his two hands. When Segura came out he was drunk, and he got his pants down. So Segura, when he came out, he zipped up pants, then put a cigarette by his mouth and smoke. He laughed. Then two police took him by his arms and took him away from the road. I saw that Mr. Segura came with a lady. All the people say that Segura came from the Casino at 5 o’ clock in the morning.”

PedroPedro Cu – Father of Ivan Cu
“He came out from the casino at 5 o’ clock then at 5:35 he crash with my son on Benque Road.”

“You do believe that Mr. Segura was in the wrong?”

Pedro Cu
“He is in the wrong because all the witness say that Mr. Segura have the fault.”

Geovannie Brackett
“Mr. Segura is the Deputy Commissioner. Are you concerned that he may be treated differently? Do you know if they took samples of urine, and I heard that there was a fire engine that was called to wash the vehicle?”

Pedro Cu 
“Yes, they took video of that.”

“You think you are going to get justice being that this man is high in police?”

Pedro Cu
“There should be justice because if the law doesn’t make justice we are going to make all the people come out and protest to lock up the man.”

The Commissioner of Police addressed the allegations of special treatment for Miguel Segura at Monday’s press conference.

vlcsnap-2014-08-19-07h16m41s148Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“I know that I heard concern expressed that [Segura] had been removed from the scene, and that matter has been addressed. I have written to the individual officer involved for an explanation. It was shared with me that the number of officers that were there and the conduct of some of the persons who were present, who were clearly agitated, that officer felt that it would be prudent to remove Mr. Segura. As I have said I have written to him and I have asked him to explain that. I was not on the scene, and  so I cannot judge if he did wrong or he did right. I cannot comment if he was allowed to have a shower or any of those things, or if any items were removed from the vehicle.

I don’t know if Mr. Blackett would want to shed some light on it, but I do know that after I was informed of it, the incident or the accident, and the OC had gone out there, I asked Mr. Blackett to go out there and ensure that we were on top of the situation.”

vlcsnap-2014-08-19-08h40m23s250Russell Blackett – OC National CIB
The procedures according to any traffic accident were adhered to.  The measurements were taken.  The samples [were] taken from Mr Segura at the Polyclinic in San Ignacio.  The vehicles were removed as a normal process dictates, and are still presently stored at the Benque Viejo Police Station Compound. 

Personally, I picked up Mr Segura, along with the Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police Station, and took him to the Poly Clinic to be tested.  That’s the specimen test to be taken. Family members were there and I spoke to them personally, and they understood what occurred.”

Both Miguel Segura and Yanie Cu gave up samples for blood alcohol testing on Saturday, but since no lab was open this weekend they took the samples in on Monday.

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