Family of floating dead cop suspect foul play

vlcsnap-2013-06-05-19h39m05s102Last night, we told you about the discovery of a former cop who was found floating in the Belize River on Tuesday morning. 24 year old Maurice Duce, a resident of Belize City, was retrieved from near the Haulover Bridge later that afternoon, after which a post mortem examination was conducted. The pathologist Dr. Blanco concluded that Duce died as a result of drowning, but the family believes otherwise. This morning, the older brother of the 24 year old, visited our studios to tell us about the family’s unease regarding the investigation so far. While he didn’t wish to appear on camera, for his own safety, he did tell us that the family has a strong conviction that their loved one was murdered and that Duce may have seen it coming. According to his older brother, Duce resigned from the Police Department a year ago, after a clash he had with another officer. One year later, he said he was ready to reenlist in the force and was in the process of doing so. However, a week before his disappearance, the brother told us that  Duce was receiving death threats, because of information he had about the force. The brother told us all they want is for the Police to conduct a thorough investigation and to leave no stone unturned. While the autopsy report says the cause of death was drowning, the brother contends that Duce’s body had two chop wounds on the right arm and the left arm was cut off, but the report omitted those injuries. While they have been told it may have been bitten off by an alligator, the family says it was a clean cut and did not look like the doings of an animal. Police say they are still investigating the circumstances of Duce’s death. Maurice Joseph Duce was buried yesterday evening at Eternal Gardens on the George Price Highway.

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