Family of slain 16 year old protest in Cayo

vlcsnap-00118vlcsnap-00119There was a small protest of the senseless murder of Amy Guerra and the vicious attack on Eliseo Bacab. Family members, friends, and concerned citizens gathered today to voice their heartbreak and their concern for the nation as it relates to senseless crimes and a lack of justice for the victims of those crimes. As we reported yesterday, 16 year old Amy Guerra was viciously murdered; her neck slashed twice and her body thrown in the river in Santa Familia. Her 22 year old boyfriend, Eliseo Bacab, was stabbed several times to the back of the neck, his chest, and his back. His throat was also cut. When his three attackers thought he was dead, they also threw him in the river. However, Elias survived and managed to make his way home from where he was vlcsnap-00120rushed to the hospital.  Bacab had told us yesterday that he knew the three attackers; Steven Manzanero, Reginald Patt and Armando Coleman, all from the same village of Santa Familia.  He says they had no conflict, no past “beef”, and so he was shocked and surprised at the attack. It appeared as if the men were just on the prowl. At today’s protest in San Ignacio, despite the weather, about 30 persons showed up, some with placards calling for justice for Amy.  According to the grandmother of the murdered teen, Anna Mesa, the group of protestors showed up in front of the San Ignacio Magistrate’s court early this morning as they were told the three men would be arraigned this morning. However, they found out that the men were taken to Belmopan yesterday evening to be arraigned.

Ana Meza, Grandmother of Amy Guerra: Well. We’re out here begging for justice to be done to be done for what those men did. We don’t want it to happen again with other girls from the village. We were here all day yesterday but when we went to ask, they told us that they weren’t vlcsnap-00121going to take them out yesterday. They told us we’re going to see them today ,that did happen. As soon as we left they took them out.

Mesa says they are hoping for justice.

Ana Meza, Grandmother of Amy Guerra: We want justice. Justice so that what happened to my grandmother doesn’t happen to anybody else. We want them to charge them for what they have done. They should not protect them because the same thing they did to my granddaughter they are going to do to another girl.

As for the mother, Kathy Guerra, she  says they are hopeful that police will not mess up the case as all the evidence appears to be in favor of a vlcsnap-00123conviction.  vlcsnap-00117

Kathy Guerra, Mother of Amy Guerra: They say they have the perfect witness, the bwia so I hope they do justice and be fair about what they did.  I don’t want one 3 years and one 15 years, no that will not be sufficient, they deserve life, to stay in prison forever because we don’t need those guys out here again. We need the safety of our kids. I’m trying to be a little bit strong because I haven’t seen her body. I have to try keep strong for my other kids. I don’t know if I could live with this, I don’t know how long I could live with this but I will try. I will pray to God and with the help of my other kids we’ll get through this.

Present at the protest was Area Representative for Cayo North East,  Hon. Orlando Habet.  He says he is supporting the villagers of Santa Familia in this difficult time. He says that for a while now, the community has been concerned over the increase of crime in the village and the villagers are now demanding better police presence.

Hon. Orlando Habet, Area Representative for Cayo North East: The community has had problems with gang related activities. One vlcsnap-00115vlcsnap-00126section of the village does not deal with the other section and so there had been fights among small gangs that have formed in the communities. There’s a lot of unemployment especially for the young people. There’s a lot of drug use within the village. There’s a lot of delinquency within the village; and so all these things eventually turned out to become a problem and then you have the rising of crimes like these and so the community would really want to see the involvement of the police; but they want serious policing. Unfortunately for the officer that is there right now, the village is clamoring for the removal of that officer. The village chairman and myself, he has invited me and so tomorrow we have already informed the police that they are organizing a village community meeting at the community center at 6:30. They have invited the police to be present. They want to discuss this issue, especially dealing with security, not only this crime but all security and other issues that concern the community.vlcsnap-00113

The post mortem examination on the body of 16 year old Amy Guerra concluded today. According to the report, Amy died from drowning. What that means is that after her neck was slit twice, she was still alive when she was thrown into the river. The medical officer certified death as asphyxiation by drowning due to head and neck trauma . The three accused men in this crime have all been arraigned on charge of murder and all remanded until August 21st.vlcsnap-00116

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