Family recovering after injuries sustained in fire

A family in Trial Farm Village was awoken by a fire inside their home. It was around 3 o’clock this morning, when Ellen Bartley noticed what she described as a bright light coming from inside her daughter’s room, where her daughter Karina Bartley, her common-law husband and their three year old little girl were sleeping. She called out for her daughter, waking her, but by this time, the fire was rapidly spreading. After many attempts to break down the door, which was jammed, they managed to tear down the partition that separated the bedroom from another room. The family of eight managed to escape the inferno, but Karina, her common law and their daughter sustained burn injuries – the 3 year old to her stomach; the father to his hands, feet and stomach and the mother to her hands. The house was completely destroyed. The family suspects that the fire started from behind Karina’s bed. The fire may have been ignited by burning incense. The value of the house and items inside valued some $15,000.

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