Family seeks answers in dissapearance of Belmopan taxi driver

vlcsnap-2013-07-15-19h21m01s175Tonight, the family of a local cab driver is desperately searching for answers after their loved one went missing over the weekend. 45 year old Jose Marin Umana Aguilar, a Honduran of Salvapan, Belmopan, was last seen by his wife on Saturday morning. She says he visited her vendor’s stall at the Belmopan market, where he ate lunch and afterward walked to his taxi. Just minutes after, a man of Indian descent stopped at her stall, purchased some goods and proceeded to Aguilar’s cab. It is not certain where Aguilar headed next, but his family has not heard from him since. And calls to his cell phone at this time are going to straight to voice-mail says Belmopan Police. But authorities got a break in the case on Sunday when the rented taxi Aguilar was driving turned up near a bar at the entrance of Ontario Village. Police say the vehicle’s hubcaps and the stereo had been removed, but that no sign of a struggle of any kind was noticed in the car. However, what raised eyebrows is that on the tires was a red-like mud substance, which may indicate that the vehicle went far beyond the boundaries of Belmopan. The car was impounded at the Police Station, where it was picked up by the owner earlier today. Jose Marin Umana Aguilar is of Honduran descent, 5ft 7″ and weighs about 150lbs. He was last seen wearing long blue jeans, white shirt and a pair of white tennis shoes. At this time, authorities do not a lead and so are asking that if anyone has information regarding Aguilar’s disappearance -call the nearest Police Station.

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