Fareed Ahmad family holds press conference

vlcsnap-2018-01-02-19h36m59s890This afternoon, the Ahmad family held a press conference in which they issued a statement of their own where they are asking for an Independent Investigation into the murder of their loved one, Fareed Ahmad.

Sister of Fareed Ahmad

A member of the Police Department is responsible for the murder of one of the most outstanding ambitious, law-abiding, community centered, and self giving, black, young barber and businessman in our country. There are three things we need the public to be aware of and there is one thing we are pleading for from the leader of this country. To the leader of this country we are asking for an independent investigation into the murder of Fareed Ahmad. We’re asking for this because there is an outright conflict of interest for the police to investigate it’s own; especially in a matter of this magnitude and in the manner of circumstances. We are asking for this because more than 5 days after the murder, family members and colleagues who worked up to 2 hours before Fareed’s Demise have not even been contacted for interviews. His own wife who said Fareed called her less than an hour before this incident asking her to prepare some food has not even being interviewed. We are asking for this because, yes , there is a question of competence and trust and justifiably the Citizens of this country will always have a suspicion about how this investigation goes. As the maximum says “Justice should not only be done but should undoubtedly and manifestly be seen and appear to be done.”

Apart from this incident, the family has reported to the police on many occasions that they have been threatened and that they fear for their lives. Even though they want the corrupt officers involved brought to justice, they are also asking for protection.

Sister of Fareed Ahmad

Our family continues to be under survellance. Or a family continues to receive threats on our lives. In fact we have already made detailed reports to the police department about our concerns for our safety and for our lives. Even though the surveillance and intimidation is unwanted we must say that the family, ironically, is a relying heavily on the same Police Department to fulfill its mandate to protect us. Yes. Many may find this comment skeptical. But we believe that there are good police officers. We believe that the chain of command, the commissioner, the Ministry of National Security, his CEO and the Prime Minister will do their best to ensure that these critical matters brought forward will be thoroughly addressed. We request the same exact protection the tens of officers that this WPC Brown received this morning when she was arraigned and escorted to the prison. Our family, ironically, is requesting the same protection. Again we repeat, the family is requesting the same protection.

The family does not believe that the incident was the cause of a relationship between the two, but something much more than that.

It’s due to forthcoming information in regards to other members of the same SAT team having knowledge , implicating himself in a text message. Chester Williams was informed of those reports earlier today. He received a screenshot of those messages which showed the number those messages came from which showed ; he was shown how this number was linked to a specific member of the SAT team. What worries us at this point is the relationship between the specific member and the commander of the team in regards to how it can compromise a thorough and transparent  investigation.

The father, Abdus Ahmad spoke on the feelings that he and the family are currently going through.

Mr Abdus Ahmad, Father of Victim

The truth is that we were blessed with a decent family, not the best family, but a decent family and we have made a lot of strides in discipline from our religion; our conduct of being decent. If not being the best human beings. As a father I am very close to my family and I love my children but I monitor my children for conduct and I display am on them you would say merits that evolve or exude from their character; which is most important for me; the character. I am the person who, if I am dissatisfied, I let them know if I see them moving away from they principles of our religion of the decent life I am informed them of it that is my primary concern as a father. I do not love unconditionally; I love with condition. That’s me. I was raised that way and the principles of such I hold on to and it’s also the principles of the religion I believe in and the way of life I believe in and subscribe to. Likewise I strive to display that sort of character. 

The leader of the muslim community in Belize, Aameen El-Amin, talked about the close knit family that is the muslim community. There were also some murmuring that the Muslim community would lash out at the death of one of their own.

This is the faith that we have in God, knowing that whatever type of threat or idea they have, that we are just as intelligent and that our religion promotes the fear of God first and then proper behavior, as the father was saying. So there is no member in the Muslim community that would be allowed or make over emotions, I believe, that we will be reacting and then at some point we become the Enemy of the people of Belize. Because the Muslim community, we see ourselves as a part of the belizean country, and we feel as Muslims the same pain. We do not see ourselves as the exclusive “only good group”,  and the rest of Belizeans are not over concerned. We love the rest of Belizeans and also all of their murders that took place that took place, we feel the same way. We try our best as the sister Tahera says. that we want to think good of our Prime Minister, of our Commissioner of police department because they are us too. I would not want to believe that in our own country that we would be manipulated where belizeans in some way would start to kill each other and that is who we are. We do not think such of a police department is actuality. even if it is so it would be minimal and could be corrected. We do not think that this would be sanctioned by the Prime Minister or the commissioner of police where they are going around and they find that the very citizen that they are here to serve and protect that we are a threat to them. So we think the best that our prime minister and the other commissioner and that the people in these activities will have some love and feeling for us.

We will keep you updated on this story as it unfolds.

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