Farmer sentenced to five years in prison for chopping off a man’s fingers

A farmer has been sentenced to five years in prison for chopping off a man’s fingers. 55-year-old Romolo Garcia, a farmer, vegetable vendor who was convicted last week of the offense of use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause grievous harm to Alfredo Herrera, who later passed away from unrelated injuries. In April of 2011, Garcia and Herrera were drinking at Garcia’s home when Herrera told Garcia some words regarding his wife. He became upset attacked  at Herrera, severing his five fingers. Today in mitigation plea, Justice Lucas heard from two of his character witnesses, who spoke well of Garcia. Garcia, in his plea, told Justice Lucas “I have a wife who is ill. She suffers from high blood pressure. She needs me to be beside her to care for her.  All her children are married and I provide for her.  I am hoping for a short sentence because I have a bad eye that needs medical treatment.  I have a low income and selling vegetables is what I do to survive…” But the judge, before handing down the sentence told Garcia, he should have considered all those factors being chopping off Herrera’s fingers. Instead of imposing the mandatory 10 years, Judge Lucas rendered a lesser sentence of five years. Garcia will only serve 3 more years of that sentence, since Justice Lucas ordered his sentence to take effect as of July 9, 2013 with him being given back two years for the time he has spent on remand since the incident occurred.

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