Fashion Designer Rebecca Stirm headlines Wedding Spectacular in Jamaica

vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h25m31s103Fashion Designer Rebecca Stirm, left Belize this morning to participate in a 3 day Wedding Spectacular starting Friday Feb the 22 to the 24 to be held in Jamaica. Stirm has been proudly representing the country in the fashion world for several months now and this morning she left Belize to attend the Wyndham Wedding Spectacular! The three-day weekend event will showcase all things nuptial-related. PlusNews caught up with Stirm this morning at the airport before boarding her flight.

REBECCA STIRM – Fashion Designer:
vlcsnap-2013-02-21-12h58m37s123Today, Chantae and I are flying out to Kingston, Jamaica, and I’ll be showing a new collection at the Wyndham Wedding Spectacular.  It’s basically a big Bridal Expo in Kingston, where Bridal Designers, Bridal Boutiques, Decor Companies, big Event Planning companies, they all come together and do a huge Bridal Expo and Bridal Show.  So I got invited to be the headline international designer, showing at Kingston Bridal Expo.  So I’m taking Chantae Guy.  She’s headlining for me on the runway as our big Belizean model.
I know the coordinator from when I was at Mission Catwalk.  We worked a bit together and so he sent me an email, asked me if I was interested.  It was like “Yes, and I’m bringing my model.” It was pretty quick!
I’ll be showing my new Pfuma Ye Nyika Collection.  It’s an African inspired evening wear, cocktail dresses, very evening “upperty” dressy collection. I’ll be showing that.  It’s definitely geared more towards the Honeymoon, after parties, but it’s a Wedding Gown at the very end. So it atill fits in with the Wedding scene.

vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h25m51s47Now in its second year, the event will feature over 50 bridal vendors including wedding planners, caterers, financial houses, jewellers, hairstylists, and deejay services. Stirm is also accompanied by Belizean model Chantae Guy, Miss Belize World 2012, to show her “Pfuma Ye Nyika” collection on the runway this weekend.
CHANTAE GUY – Fashion Model:
vlcsnap-2013-02-21-13h05m30s112I‘ve been working with Rebecca for several years now, from she just started her design in Belmopan, with her small Fashion Show at the George Price [Centre].  I was her help at the most recent fashion show which was last month in Belize City, at the Princess.  I guess she decided to choose me because I was a participant at Miss World, and I did good for the Top Model Competition, and here we need a Belizean.
This really means a lot to me.  We get to showcase on the International stage again, being Ambassadors for fashion for Belize. That’s really big, because we want to take it to another level.  

On Saturday February 23rd, the fashion shows, will showcase designs from past Mission Catwalk stars Ayanna Dixon and vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h25m58s116Rebecca Stirm. Rebecca’s line is geared towards the reception and after-party. Stirm says that she is proud to fly Belize’s flag in the circles of high fashion.


REBECCA STIRM – Fashion Designer:
It’s not just for me, I mean this is Belize. It’s all of us. we’re representing out country, in Jamaica, showing off what we have.  Me and Chantae, we’re showing basically Belize’s ability and Belize’s beauty  Foe me personally, it’s a big step.  I’m showing on an international stage again.  That’s always a big booster for me.
I’m very excited, a little nervous, but excited.

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