Fatal traffic accident claims life of elderly woman

There were three traffic accidents on the George Price Highway over the weekend, two of which proved fatal.

The first traffic accident occurred on Friday at around 9:00 pm in the Roaring Creek area, where 63 year old Maria Wright, a resident of Roaring Creek Village, was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Reports are that her daughter had dropped her off somewhere in the vicinity of the West Star Gas station to do some errands, and Maria Wright went inside the store at West Star Gas station to purchase some items.

According to reports, Maria, after finishing with her errands, attempted to cross the road on her way to visit a friend, and was hit by a white Previa Van, driven at the time by Jorge Romero.

Sergeant Denroy Barrow, attached to the Belmopan Police Station, told us more.


vlcsnap-2014-11-18-06h10m07s222vlcsnap-2014-11-18-06h08m44s161Sergeant Denroy Barrow – Belmopan Police

“I was coming from the direction of San Ignacio, heading towards Belmopan, and apparently Miss Maria was crossing the road, and she was hit head on and was thrown to the pavement. Upon the Police arrival, all that was observed.

The vehicle remained on the scene.  Miss Ronero was on the pavement.  She was quickly transported [to the hospital].  Unfortunately she was pronounced dead by the medical personnel there.

We believe that on impact she succumbed to her injuries.  Head and body injuries she sustained.

The body is currently undergoing a post-mortem examination, at the Belize City Morgue.”


Family and friends remember Maria Wight as a strong and independent woman. [


vlcsnap-2014-11-18-07h20m54s189Egbert Poppero – Nephew of Deceased

“She was always doing business, making a dollar here and there, at the market day.  [She was] always happy, greeting people and selling her little stuff, clothes and different perfumes and all kind of supplies. 

She was always happy.   She was healthy. [It’s] so sad that she passed away like this.


Manuel Pach – Plus News

“When was the last time that you spoke to her?”


Egbert Poppero

“The last Market Day they had, that was on Friday.  She was healthy.  It’s so sad that she had to go like that.  She wasn’t sick.


Manuel Pach

“How many kids did she have?”


Egbert Poppero

“She had three boys and three girls.

I’m going to miss her”


vlcsnap-2014-11-18-06h54m00s157Meredith Usher – Friend of Deceased

“The thing is that she had worked so hard raising her kids, and then finally she was enjoying her retirement.  We had a whole lot of plans, to go on a cruise and do a lot of different things, and her life was cut short. She was 62, but she was very young. 

I wasn’t there, but I really and truly believe she was standing on the side of the road and the vehicle swerved and hit her.  I can’t imagine her crossing the road ever.  We take walks every day from Roaring Creek to Camelote.

I would cross the road and I say ‘Come on, sissy. You gotta beat that car.’  And I’d say different things.  She would say ‘No.  I’m going to do it my way.’ That’s a lot of things she did her way.”    


Sergeant Denroy Barrow

“We believe that accident was contributed to poor lighting conditions in that area.  Hence we ask drivers, when they’re in that specific area, to be on the lookout for people who may be on the roadside and so forth.”


Jorge Romero, the driver of the Previa Van has since been served with a notice of intended prosecution.

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