Fatal traffic accident in Belmopan; family wonders if foul play involved

vlcsnap-2014-07-22-06h46m32s177vlcsnap-2014-07-22-06h43m23s56Alfonso Manzanero, a resident of Nanche St. in Belmopan, died early Sunday morning after what relatives believe is a peculiar set of circumstances. According to Belmopan police, at around 1:15 on Sunday morning Alfonso Manzanero was driving his Mitsubishi SUV on the North Ring Road when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle and landed in a drain. Police have since recorded statements from three individuals who reportedly stopped to help Alfonso Manzanero pull his vehicle out when the rope reportedly snapped.

Ivlcsnap-2014-07-22-06h44m47s98nspector Dennis Myles – Acting O.C., Belmopan Police Formation

“The initial Investigation reviled that Mr Manzanero was driving his silver Mitsubishi on the Ring Road, when he apparently lost control and ran into a drain.  As a result some concerned citizens then came to his aid, and were assisting him pulling out his vehicle, when Mr Manzanero was standing right beside his vehicle, and then the rope that was pulling out the vehicle [broke].  The vehicle ended up hitting Mr Manzanero, causing injuries.  He [underwent] surgery, during [which] he passed away. He was receiving treatment at the hospital.”

Police are investigating it as a traffic accident. However, according to family members and relatives, they have reason to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, police assure family members that the authorities are looking at all possible angles in this case.

Inspector Dennis Myles

“At this time, I want to extend sympathy to Mrs Manzanero, because I personally know Mr Manzanero.  Mr Manzanero knows a lot of Police, and in fact he sometimes visited the station with us.  When it comes to the post-mortem, we would wait on the result of the post-mortem this afternoon, and whatever the doctor certify , the family will be advised  of the cause of death,  At this time I want them to know that we would not leave anything behind.  If they have any information that can help the Police, we will accept their input.  We are open.  They can just come in and talk to us.  At this time we are investigating it as a traffic accident.”

According to the post mortem results, which concluded earlier Monday evening, the cause of death was as a result of a traffic accident.

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