Fatal Traffic Accident in the South

There was a fatal traffic accident reported in the South. According to police reports, the body of 20-year-old Lucas Teul of Independence Village was discovered sometime before 2:00 p.m. yesterday Monday July 20 in  an area on the Big Creek Road about half mile away from Independence.  Teul’s body was lying motionless beside a creek with the front wheel of a Meilum motorcycle on top of him. He had severe head and body injuries. The body was transported to the Independence Village Poly Clinic where he was pronounced dead. According to police, their investigations revealed that Teul left Santa Teresa, Toledo around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday July 19 en route to Independence. At about 7:41 on Sunday night, he called his brother-in-law with whom he was residing in Independence village, and informed him that he would arrive home in a while, however, he did not show up and was later found dead. Police transported the body to the Western Regional Hospital where it awaits a postmortem examination. Police are investigating.

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