Fatal Traffic Accident on George Price Highway

On Saturday another fatal traffic accident occurred on the George Price Highway, somewhere between miles 41 and 42, and caused the death of one individual.

Police suspect that the driver of the vehicle, Selvyn Reyes, was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

Seargent Denroy Barrow officer attached to the Belmopan Police Station told us more.


vlcsnap-2014-11-18-06h10m07s222Sergeant Denroy Barrow – Belmopan Police

“That would be on Saturday the fifteenth, sometime after Midnight, Police visited an area between 41 and 42, where upon arrival a red pickup was seen with its four wheels in the air. 

Police searched the area, where they found Mr Selvyn Reyes, who’s believed to be the driver.  He was motionless. 

He had been transported to the Western Regional Hospital, where unfortunately he was pronounced dead on arrival.

His passenger was found in the area, likewise.  He was transported [to the hospital].  He was treated.  He has been released, after being treated for his injuries. 

We suspect that alcohol is a factor, and as such we warn drivers that whilst socialising on the weekend, if you’re driving then don’t drink.  If you’re drinking, then have a driver.”


The second person involved in the traffic accident sustained minor head and body injuries. He was treated at the Western Regional Hospital and later released.

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