Fatal traffic accident on the George Price Highway

There was a fatal traffic accident on the George Price Highway over the weekend. The incident happened on Saturday evening at about 5 pm. According to reports, 35 year old Walter Alexander Gonzales was driving his 2004 Toyota Prado from his home at mile 32 on the George Price highway en route to the village of cotton tree. Along with Gonzales at the time was his wife. According to Gonzales, when he reached the junction of the More Tomorrow new road and the highway between mile 39 and 40, he suddenly saw a male person driving a red motorbike at high speed. Gonzales says that the driver of the bike suddenly drove across the highway in front of him. He says he slammed on the brakes but the front portion of his vehicle hit the motorcycle. The rider of that bike, 38 year old Vicente Petronillo Santos, flew up and hit the bonnet of the vehicle while his motorcycle was dragged underneath the Prado for some one hundred feet before the Prado came to a complete stop.  Santos had landed in some bushes on the left hand shoulder of the highway and he was rushed to Western Regional Hospital with  serious head and body injuries. But within two hours of the accident, Santos succumbed to those injuries and died. 38 year old Vicente Petronillo Santos was a resident of St. Matthew’s village.

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