Fatal Traffic Accident on the Hummingbird Highway






There was a fatal traffic accident on Thursday afternoon between miles 43 and 44 on the Hummingbird highway. The victim was 29 year old Arnulfo Jose Flamenco of mile 28 Humming bird Highway.

Arnulfo Flamenco was heading home in the direction of Dangriga on his red Meilun motorcycle. In the oncoming lane, headed towards Belmopan, was a white Hyundai van. The driver of the van was 33-year-old Manuel Simpson of a Placencia address and with him at the time was Juan Pau also from Placencia.

According to the driver of the van, it appeared as if the motorcycle driver was watching a vehicle being towed out of an orchard on the side of the road when he somehow drifted into the oncoming lane. The driver of the van said he blew his horn and applied brakes but it was too late.

vlcsnap-2014-02-28-06h45m04s72Mr. Manuel Simpson

I was coming along with my friend.  We were coming from  Placencia and heading up this way to do some business in Belmopan. Unfortunately accidents do happen.  [He was] coming straight into us.  A tractor was hauling out another truck by the citrus grove right there.  He was probably gazing and he came into my area, so I tried [for it] not to be a head-on collision.  You can see he grazed me.  He was coming in the opposite direction,  He was in my lane and then I tried to avoid [him], probably [that’s when] he noticed, and I tried to move out of the way, but he still slammed right into me. A very close friend of mine [was with me].  I guess he’s in a critical situation right now.  He was really affected.  He slammed into the dashboard.  His name is Juan Pau.”

The motorcycle hit the passenger side of the van and Arnolfo Flamenco died on impact while Pau received serious injuries. When we were at the scene, authorities were still trying to locate one of Mr Flamenco’s feet.

Arnulfo Flemenco worked at Spanish Lookout at Westrac. Juan Pau was seriously injured and was transported to the KHMH for treatment.

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