Fate of Marcel Cardona soon to be determined

We have been reporting on attorney and former Orange Walk East area representative Marcel Cardona, who faces a year’s suspension from practicing the legal profession after the General Legal Council determined that he had set out to pervert the course of justice and allegedly conspire with and bribe certain judicial officials to secure bail for a young client. Cardona was on the airwaves claiming he had not been properly informed of the hearing but he now has been and his legal representative, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, told reporters this afternoon that they await the decision of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who heads the Council.

Richard “Dickie” Bradleyvlcsnap-2015-06-11-11h16m01s182 – Attorney

“I think the proper thing to do is; first of all not to make allegations and not to cause aspersions.  The Legal Council is chaired and staffed by eminent persons with years of experience in the matter of the law. The thing to do is to get the facts. For us to look at papers – documents to get the facts and then have the matter clarified rather than to speculate. It’s not fair to speculate. Mr. Cardona has made his statement on the matter. The thing to do now is to have the matter properly clarified so that we can have all the facts available rather than be speculating.”

 Cardona has denied all charges, claiming his e-mail service had been hacked. The decision by the Chief Justice is expected shortly.

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