Father seeks answers in baby daughter’s death

Fresh from the scandal of thirteen babies dead in a span of three weeks, seven attributed to a bacterium that invaded the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), another premature baby from Toledo District has died there and her father wants answers. We spoke to Lawrence Bol today about the loss of his baby girl, Lorena.

Lawrence Bol – Father of Lorena:
vlcsnap-2013-07-15-19h15m24s106She was healthy.  She was supposed to discharge yesterday, but when I reach she was passed away. She was healthy, because my wife also could explain how this happen, ’cause she was with my baby last Saturday night.  That really shocked we. Both of us get shocked and we want to find peace of justice with my baby.  That really shocked me. 

Mr Bol’s wife was transferred from Punta Gorda to the KHMH where she had the baby last week. She was all but discharged when she died and Lawrence Bol says the doctors haven’t told him anything.

Lawrence Bol – Father of Lorena:
The doctor tell me they can’t tell me the result yet, what happened to my baby.
I think [the hospital staff] are the ones [responsible] because they’re supposed to take care of my baby, well proper, well care. That really shocked when I heard my baby passed away, because nothing wrong with my baby, nothing wrong with her.  She was health, very strong.

In tears, the young father demanded justice.

Lawrence Bol – Father of Lorena:
I want make them give me an answer what really happened with my baby, because I di one poor man.  I can’t support right now really.  I’m poor.  I don’t have no money fi make I support this.  That’s why I’m here, that I could make sure I put this report fi make somebody stand ahead behind me so that I want justice of peace.
Please somebody fi stand and help me. I think also my wife need a talk too. 

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