Federation of Fishers and regional counterparts discuss lobster catching

On Thursday, the executive management team from the Belize Federation of Fishers traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, to meet with their counterparts in the fishing industry, and will be visiting the fishing grounds in Cozumel, primarily as it relates to lobster, as they are trying to find sustainable practices for Belizean lobster fishing. They will in turn share the Belizean fishing experience with their counterparts.

Nigel Martinez is the Director of Belize Federation of Fishers. He told us how the trip came about.


vlcsnap-2014-12-13-08h16m34s79Nigel Martinez – Director of Belize Federatiion of Fishers

“Last year we had decided that we wanted to do another exchange.  we did an exchange in May, where we had experienced the way how the lobsters were being harvested there. 

The guys wanted to go somewhere regionally, where they can discuss with fishers close to their region, and look at the best practices that they use, and exchange ideas and techniques, as to how harvest and process the lobsters.”


The Federation of Fishers is currently developing a sustainable plan for fisher folk in Belize,  and Nigel Martinez believes that the regional interaction could help to achieve their goals.


Nigel Martinez

“We leave this afternoon.  We return on Sunday. 

However we have a full schedule of activities, starting tomorrow, whereby we’re going to do presentations, explain to them the rolls, objectives, and policies of the Federation, how we do things down here, the different communities we represent, and we’re going to look at how they’re structured there.

After which, we’re going to have group presentations, sharing ideas, techniques, methods, before we go in to actually visiting the fishing grounds  where harvesting is taking place, and the cooperatives where the processing is taking place.”


They left on Thursday and will return on Sunday December 14.

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