Felicia Chen pleads guilty but trial pushed off to October

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-07h58m02s4423 year old Felicia Chen, the mother of four, accused of drowning three of her children, appeared I court on Wednesday. Ms Chen arrived at the court smiling but left crying after her case for murder was traversed to the next session of the Supreme Court which is set to commence on October 7, 2014. That’s 4 months from Wednesday and Felicia Chen who appeared before Justice Troadio John Gonzalez was not happy Wednesday morning when she heard the news. In fact, when the indictment for 3 counts of murder was read to her, Ms Chen wasted no time and said, “Guilty” but Judge Troadio Gonzalez rejected her guilty plea and traversed her matter to October.  The guilty plea was rejected as Felicia Chen had no legal representation present on Wednesday in court. Ms Chen told Justice Traodio Gonzalez that her attorney remains Attorney Antoinette Moore who has now been appointed to be a temporary judge with the Supreme Court and who is now posted at the Southern Regional session of the Supreme Court in Dangriga doing cases in that jurisdiction.    Judge Gonzalez advised Felicia Chen to retain another attorney which is why her case was adjourned for such a long period to allow her time to seek assistance from another lawyer. In April 2013, Ms Chen was initially deemed to be unstable for trial as she was said to be in a severe state of depression. She was subsequently sent to the psychiatric ward under observation. After a period of time, she was then declared fit to stand trial and was remanded to prison on murder charges, where she returned on Wednesday until October 7.  

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