Female Hitchhiker raped in Camalote area

An 18 year. old female student from Camalote Village was raped while hitch hiking from Belmopan City to Camalote Village. The female student reported to Police that on Thursday of last week, she was hitch hiking from Belmopan to Camalote Village when she was picked up by a Hispanic male person in Roaring Creek. The man was on a motorcycle heading  in the same direction that she was going.  But instead of continuing on to Camalote whee the woman wanted to go, the male person reportedly turned into the Valley of Peace Road and stopped in a dark area. That is where he reportedly had sexual intercourse with the woman against her will. He then reportedly drove her back out to the highway and left her in the vicinity of West Star Gas Station. Police say the 18 year old was examined by a doctor who has confirmed that the student was carnally known. Police investigation is ongoing

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