Feud leaves one more dead in Ladyville

One man is dead and three others were injured in an apparent shoot-out early on Saturday morning in Ladyville; but the actual details are a bit more complicated. Indeed, Police needed a PowerPoint presentation at this morning’s press conference to take us through it all. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster provides the first details:vlcsnap-2016-05-17-10h59m44s232 - Copy

Edward Broaster, Assistant Commissioner of Police: Early on Saturday morning at about twelve-thirty a.m. whilst our police were patrolling on Marage Road, they heard what appeared to bevlcsnap-2016-05-17-11h03m14s699 gunshots and saw several individuals running. They immediately pursued some individuals that were firing shots who then ran into the premises of Miss Cynthia Lozano. They encountered a male person on Marage Road who appeared to be deceased with a firearm beside him. If you notice from the slide that we have there, our police mobile at the exact time of the shooting was only five hundred and sixty feet away from the actual scene. And this is giving you the picture of how it actually looked in the night. The area is very dark, very woody, has a lot of foliage, a lot of jungle on both sides. This scene depicts where the icons in red represent the gunmen. Two came from behind the premises, one came from the front and ambushed the gentlemen who were at the picnic table socializing, after which they ran on marage road. 

Police recovered the 9-millimeter pistol allegedly held by Rhamdas and are searching for a second firearm they believed was used in the incident. So was Rhamdas’ death a murder? For the answer we turn to ACP Broaster:

Edward Broaster, Assistant Commissioner of Police: We are investigating this shooting from 2 angles. We believe that the gunmen, after firing shots in the premises, chased Lozano and Terrence Flowers. We believe that someone from the premises may have fired the fatal shot that fatally wounded Lionel Rhamdas in defence of the 2 other fleeing victims. As well as, it could have been friendly fire from the gunmen who were doing the shooting. The other two suspects that we believe that are person of interest for us is Darwin Estrado and Eggbert Balwin. We have encountered Mister Balwin earlier on May 9th, and when his phone was checked, there were texts in his phone that too many strike teams police officers were around and he was dressed in full black. We have had covert and overt operations in the area to try and mitigate this very problem that we encountered on Saturday morning.vlcsnap-2016-05-17-10h59m55s335 - Copy

Of the other victims, 22-year-old Terence Richard Flowers Jr., student of Marage Road was shot to the right hand, chest and neck; 23-year-old Casey Lozano also of Marage Road, Ladyville was shot to his right hand and 44-year-old Lyndon Gillett of 17 Milpa area, Ladyville was shot to his right hand. Homeowner Mrs. Cynthia Lozano was at home inside with two of her sons and had to take Casey to hospital. Police are looking for 28-year-old Egbert Baldwin and 19-year-old Darwin Pardo both of Ladyville Village for questioning. ACP Broaster pointed out that this murderous feud erupted after the death of Rene Chavarria Jr. several weeks ago and has left many dead and injured in its wake, with no signs of letting up:

Edward Broaster, Assistant Commissioner of Police: The investigation that we have been working on ever since the shooting death of Rene Chavarria, the players involved in this case believe that someone from Miss Lozano premises was involved in the shooting of Rene Chavarria. Alrick Smith was shot some days ago and Lionel Rhamdas is associated with Alrick Smith through some relationship he had with Lionel Rhamdas’ sister.

Police continue their investigations and patrols in the affected area.

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