FFB Gets April Fools Scare

The Football Federation of Belize got a big scare today when they were informed that one of the players on the National Beach Football Team went missing while the delegation was passing through Guatemala enroute to Belize. The team had travelled to El Salvador over the weekend to participate in the 2015 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Champions and after failing to qualify for the second round of the tournament the delegation packed their bags and set off home bound. Reports indicated that Jerry Trejo, the team’s  second goalkeeper, came out of the team’s chartered bus during one of two pit-stops somewhere along the road to Moralez in Izabel, Guatemala at around 2 am this morning on April 1st. The delegation was sleeping at the time and so no one saw he was missing until they arrived in Moralez around 4:00. Renan Cowo the head coach who travelled with the delegation recounted to sequence of events that transpired.


Renan Cowo – Coachvlcsnap-2015-04-02-10h30m35s135


“When we arrived in Morales to get food, we checked for Jerry Terjo and there was no Jerry Trejo. We checked in the bus to see if he was sleeping, he was not sleeping, we went to check in the bathroom in the termanal. He wasn’t in the bathroom. Everyone was worrying. We had a meeting and decided to go in a taxi to check in the place where the driver said he stopped. We got in the taxi and didn’t find him. 6:00 we got back and the driver brought us in the border because he had to make another trip to Guatemala city. In another meeting , we decided to have a player that talk Spanish to wait in Moralez and two players wait at the border with his passport.

At about 6 am the delegation contacted the Federation who made some calls and mobilized the Guatemalan police. As a result Jerry Trejo was found before 11 am this morning in good health. He was escorted by police to Moralez, where one of his teammates waited for him. We are happy to report that as of 2:30 pm today Jerry Terjo, originally from San Pedro, arrived in Belize safe and sound.

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