FFB President Says the Federation will Finish Paying the Players

During the world cup selection tournament, the Belize Jaguars gave a stellar performance placing Belize on the football map; and though we’ve never made it to the Gold Cup, it did instill a sort of hope in all Belizean Football fans that someday we will.

However, all fanaticism aside, one of the biggest controversies at the time was that the federation still owed money to the players of the National team. Today Ruperto Vicente, President of the FFB, updated us on that matter.

vlcsnap-2014-06-26-18h54m33s159 vlcsnap-2014-06-26-22h01m30s224Ruperto Vicente -President of the FFB

“We are still owing each player an amount of BZ$2,000.  I have repaid some of those monies because each player was promise $5,000.   AS you all are aware, the players had forced the federation i9nto signing an agreement for them to be paid that amount of money for each.  The players were aware that the federation does not have that kind of money and we still don’t.  But by the 15th July the federation will be receiving some monies and we will be able to pay the players all their monies. 

However, while they can’t pay the players, some FFB executive staff apparently did have the finances to travel to Brazil in attendance of the 2014 World Cup opening ceremony; a trip Ruperto says was donated by FIFA.

Ruperto Vicente:  “FIFA has its congress every year.  For every federation, the 209 Federations of the world, FIFA sponsors three delegates.  So, FIFA pays three delegates from Belize.  Myself as the president, the General Secretary and one other member of the executive has to be there.  FIFA pays the airfare, the hotel, and all other expenses for the three other delegates”.

And in respect to money and the World Cup, Vicente also confirmed that a large portion of the World Cup profits goes to each Federation worldwide including our very own.

vlcsnap-2014-06-26-22h10m24s210Ruperto Vicente:  “Certainly, every federation is going to receive some monies from the World Cup profits.  That was approved for the congress.  For that reason, I can say to you that the players will be paid, also all our bills that we owed”.

Reporter:  “How much is that?”

Ruperto Vicente:  “I am not, at the moment, at a liberty to disclose the amount, but it will be a substantial amount”.

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