FFB responds to allegation of “Rigged Election”

Yesterday we reported on the Football Federation of Belize’s conflicts regarding the upcoming elections for that body. Sergio Chuc, in an interview with the media, accused the FFB of  putting together a “rigged election”. This is after Chuc was rejected as a candidate for the presidential race following allegations of bribery and interference in the FFB’s electoral process. Of course, Chuc denied those allegations made by the other person interested in the post, former FFB president Ruperto Vicente. We’ve heard from both sides in separate interviews. Today, the FFB issued a press release expressing grave concern over what it says are vlcsnap-2017-06-14-14h27m55s733

“… serious allegations of a ‘rigged election’ as relayed by Mr. Sergio Chuc…”

You may recall that Chuc told the media that the disciplinary committee cleared him of those allegations and sent a letter saying as much to the Electoral Committee, Chuc says that the Electoral committee rejected that letter from the disciplinary committee, citing that the letter was not on an official letter head. Well, according to the  FFB statement,

Mr. Chuc is being intentionally misleading as to the exact wording of the letter from the Disciplinary Committee….”

FFB says that the disciplinary committee in essence said that Chuc was not a member of the FFB at the time and so it had no jurisdiction or could not properly be moved to act unless upon a specific request for an investigation, the investigation is conducted, evidence is gathered to substantiate the allegations and a charge is laid.  FFB says that , vlcsnap-2017-06-14-14h27m30s950

“  The fact that the letter stated there wasn’t an iota of evidence meant they could not investigate the issue and furthermore as stated, all evidence of wrongdoing by the potential applicant had not in any event been presented to the Disciplinary Committee.” The release says that factoring all this, FFB is unclear as to the allegations of a rigged election.

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