FFB says no sanctions taken against accused Gilharry, yet

Last week we reported on 34 year old Cristobal Gilharry, a Verdes FC and National Football Team player, who has been accused of intercourse with a 15 year old female minor.

The minor alleged that she and Cristobal Gilharry performed sexual intercourse on November 21, 2014, at which times she was 15 years and 3 months old.

Gilharry was remanded last week after an appearance at the Belmopan Magistrates Court, where he was read his charges, but on Friday, Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore, granted Mr Gilharry bail at $6,000 with conditions.

On Monday, the Football Federation of Belize weighed in on the issue with a Press Release. The FFB states that  ” …while in no way the Football Federation of Belize condones his action or the allegation made against him, the Executive of the Football Federation of Belize will meet to address the allegation and make any decision it deems necessary until the matter is finalized before the court.”

Cristobal Gilharry is slated to be back in Court on January 30, 2015, but must report to the Caribbean Shores Police Station every Friday, until the matter is disposed of.

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