FFB still raising monies for WorldCup hopes

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Belize is doing well in football so far. The Verdes club obtained a point while playing against a highly skilled Queretaro , and Belize’s national team is still in the WorldCup Race. Belize’s National team has been in since July and has been in camp ever since training for their upcoming game against Canada on the 4th and 8th of September. The government has donated money to the FFB in support of their World vlcsnap-2015-08-21-14h28m18s185 vlcsnap-2015-08-20-16h46m47s397Cup journey, but after this round, Ruperto Vicente, president at FFB says that he will not be able to continue to pay due to the expenses of the football program.

Ruperto Vicente: For this round three, getting there for the first time and I have said in my previous interview, in fact in my very first press conference for the national team I said that I would have been able to support this National team and pay all the cost up to round two. Once we get past round three the federation will not have the funds to continue the program. We have to understand that the A team, A National Team is a very expensive program. The first two rounds cost us over $500,000 and this third  round, in preparation for it, the overall budget is $400,000 so the contribution that the government made is a significant one. I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the Prime Minister for the support he continues to give to our National Team and certainly as well the Private Sector continues to contribute to our National team. We appreciate it and we say thanks because it is a very expensive program, so those contributions, the $15,000, the $20,000 comes in from the Private Sector, from Social Security, from the Central Bank and all those who contributed is a welcoming contribution and I want to say thanks to everybody who continues to contribute.

The number to reach to keep National Team’s program alive is $400,000, and Ruperto says that all support is needed if they are to reach that mark.

Ruperto Vicente: No not yet. We still need the support, we still need to raise some more monies and I think by this time we’re around $250,000 so we’re still needing some monies to keep the National Team program going. It is a very expensive program because to keep a National Team here every week, it’s over $10,000 per week, so that’s what we’re spending on our National Team.

The Belizean Canadian match is on the 8th of September at the FFB grounds.

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