FIFA World Cup Trophy to visit Belize

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-14h50m50s16Local bottlers of Coca-Cola, Bowen and Bowen Limited, are promoting the soft drink giant’s tour of the FIFA World Cup Trophy ahead of next year’s football final in Brazil. The current trophy was established in 1974 after the original Jules Rimet Trophy was won in perpetuity by Brazil in 1970, who have won five titles overall. On Friday we spoke to Coca-Cola Brand Coordinator Tamara Minto who shares details of preparations for the tour.

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-14h51m02s109Ms. Tamara Minto- Coca Cola Brand Coordinator

“The 2013-2014 World Cup Trophy Tour is the largest and the longest marketing tour by Coca Cola ever launched.   It will visit 89 countries in nine months.”


Reporter:  “Okay, so, Belizewill have its turnwith the trophy on November 7th for how long?”

Tamara Minto:   “November 7th; it will be here for one day”.

Reporter:   “And in that day, can people take photos…what can you do and not do with the trophy?”

Tamara Minto:   “Oh, well of the consumers and Belize can expect that they can come and meet the trophy up close, take pictures and have a grand experience”…

Security will be tight as the original trophy was stolen in 1983 and never recovered. Tamara Minto tells us how you can have your picture taken with the trophy.

Tamara Minto

“Belize can expect that they can come and meet the trophy up close, take pictures and have a grand experience with the trophy.   You can take pictures, you can be interactive online real time photos, and on the 2014, on gain date when the World Cup take off, all these pictures will be blanketed on the field.   So, all the countries…89 countries will have an opportunity to have all the pictures that the trophy has visited, blanketed on its own.”

Reporter:   “Okay…now, does this have any cost?  Do you have to pay for your photos to be taken?”

Tamara Minto:   “No, no.   We are actually doing a raffle because, obviously, the trophy will be on display for two hours at the Radisson on November 7th, and we won’t be able to sustain the entire residents of Belize.   So, that should start, actually next week”.

The trophy will be traveling aboard a special Coca-Cola branded plane into Belize as part of an 89-country tour. The FIFA World Cup will be held in June and July of 2014. Belize’s participation is at an end but we played the first match of qualifying against Montserrat in 2011 and Deon McCauley currently leads all goal scorers in the world in qualifying with 11 goals in 7 matches in 2011.

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