Fifth annual Summer Camp program in Belmopan

vlcsnap-2013-07-16-18h29m39s194The Belmopan City Council, The Belmopan Area Representative and the Belmopan Sports Council, in collaboration with the various sporting associations in Belmopan are hosting the fifth annual Summer Camp program for kids between the ages of 7-16. Over 350 students will be participating and though most are primary school students, high school and junior college students are also participating. This morning the Youth Summer Camp hosted their opening ceremony at the Hilltop Basketball and Tennis Court in Belmopan. Sports Coordinator Angelica Reyes gave more details on the Summer Camp program.

Angelica Reyes –  Sports Coordinator:
vlcsnap-2013-07-16-18h25m58s8We have six disciplines that run for a month.  Presently we have tennis, that starts from 8 till 10, football from 9 to 12, and softball 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. These three disciplines are going to run for two weeks. After that, at the end of the month on the 29th, we have  three more disciplines running, and that will run for two weeks also.  We have the basketball  which will run from 8 to 12.  We will have volleyball  which runs from 1 to 4:30.  In-between that we have chess, and it depends on how many kids will participate, because we have morning session and afternoon session, which is at the Belmopan Comprehensive School.
Tennis is being held at the Hilltop Court.  Football is at G G Field. Softball is at May Gordon Park. 

Mayor Simeon Lopez expresses how he feels about this venture and the purpose of it and what he sees in the future of these kids.

Simeon Lopez – Belmopan Mayor:
vlcsnap-2013-07-16-18h26m06s108The Council Area Rep and the Sports Council have all teamed up to provide our young people with this opportunity to find something for them to do during the school break. It is very important we feel that our young people take part in such activities. We have qualified coaches who are really involved and supporting us in this venture.  I want to say that we will continue with this program, and we hope that it will continue for years to come.  The main idea is discipline  and to keep them off the streets, and to make new friends, because I am sure that they are meeting people for the first time from other parts of the country, who are here in Belmopan  spending their vacation.  So discipline is number one, and then afterwards making new friends. Sports, as was mentioned this morning by the Minister, is what exercises to the body what reading is to the mind. So we hope that through the exercise they will keep healthy.
These are all young people.  The Council also sponsors  the Youth and Kid’s Cup.  We are also introducing female football next year. From there they go into the FFB training.  The FFB takes over for under 15, under 17.  They grow into the National Team eventually.

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